My First Property

Buying A Bungalow

There are many types of property to buy, you could buy an apartment, a farmhouse or maybe a bungalow.

It is important that whatever property you do buy, suits you.

If you are considering buying a bungalow then follow this handy guide.

A bungalow is a one storey house, they have been around in the UK since 1860 and became popular. Bungalows have specific characteristics. They are ideal for those with reduced mobility and older people.

Doorways can be widened and they are accessible for wheelchair users. Because the house is all one storey the plot sizes tend to be bigger then other houses. This means there is options to extend the property or remodel it.

Bungalows do not have an upstairs so it may seem that there isnít much value for money. However it depends what you do with your bungalow.

Bungalows are not as popular anymore, therefore may be cheaper on the market. If you are considering buying a bungalow, its important you take the following into account: Because of the structure of a bungalow there is more privacy as the property is lower down and can have trees or shrubs planted around to create a private atmosphere.

However bedrooms and bathrooms will all be on the ground floor, so you may want to take time deciding what the rooms will be, perhaps placing bedrooms at the back.

With all properties its important you consider security. A bungalow has easy access to all rooms, so make sure you think about how you can secure your home.

You could always think about adding a second storey, so just because you have a bungalow doesnít mean that it is impossible. You could create a loft conversion.

Make sure you research more about this and look around. You could also knock down the bungalow and start a new home on your plot. There are endless options, so have a look into them.

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