My First Property

Renting a Property

Renting a property is often the ideal solution for people living in more temporary situations, such as students

Renting also often poses the better option for inner city living, and can provide an ideal lifestyle choice for many of us.

If you’re not yet ready to take the leap into property ownership, renting can offer a quick and easy solution to finding a new home.

Despite this, there are numerous hurdles to face when renting a property, so articles on this page are aimed at guiding you through the process.


General Renting Advice

Renting comes with a range of potential challenges. First, you have to find somewhere that you like, somewhere that is practical and somewhere you can afford.

Once you have secured your rent, you need to develop a positive relationship with your landlord.

This involves abiding by their house rules, but not letting yourself be taken advantage of.

This can be an issue for first time renters, but these guides cover all the basics and things to keep an eye out for when renting a property.

Transitioning to Buying

Once you’ve rented for a while and got a taste of independent life, you may want to make your move onto the property ladder.

Since you have a large financial commitment already with your rent, this can prove to be a challenge for some of us.

Renting is obviously very different to property ownership, and each comes with their benefits and drawbacks.

These articles delve into the realities of renting versus buying, and cover everything you need to know about transitioning from a tenant to an owner.

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