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How To Find Somewhere To Rent

Whilst this site is very much about finding your first property, and the various issues and complexities around doing this, the fact is that many people simply cannot afford to buy their first property when and where they want to. Instead renting is a reality. For many the decision then becomes whether to try and rent somewhere nice, but accept that the higher prices to get what you want means that home ownership gets pushed ever further back, or alternatively to rent something as cheaply as you can, and potentially put up with living in a box for a few years but at least being able to save as much as you can. For others, the option is simply to live at home as long as possible and pay hopefully minimal rent, in order to get to the dream state of owning your own home as soon as possible. For those looking to rent, what are the best options? Well, again you could try the large property sites such as zoopla and rightmove, for instance on rightmove you can visit this address to find lots of property to rent around the country: At zoopla, you can do the same thing at this location: In addition to the above, then one of the best sources for places to rent is actually friends and friends of friends. Ask your friends if they know of anywhere to rent, and they may well be able to put you in touch with someone who is; or at least keep their ear to the ground. The advantage of getting a personal recommendation with renting is that this can hopefully help remove some of the uncertainty over how good or bad the landlord is, and of course if you are able to rent a room in a location that is shared, then so much better if you know directly or indirectly the person or people you will be living with. There are also various classified sections in local newspapers and magazines that will list property to rent, and other options include websites such as gumtree - going to the webpage will also reveal quite literally a huge number of properties available to rent: at time of writing over 100,000 were listed on gumtree! In short it has never been easier to find places that are available to rent, and just like finding a house, the internet is your friend. But as mentioned your social network of friends and family can be very useful with finding you a place to rent to, in the way that is less often the case with buying a house. So feel free even to ask your friends on facebook and so on if they know of any good places to rent or someone looking for a flatmate etc as well as using the commercial websites mentioned above. Good luck with your search!

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