My First Property

Buying A New Build

Some of us donít want to live in a used or old period home, and having a new build saves worries about damage and replacing old things.

Buying a new build also meets starting in a new and fresh home that only you have lived in. You can adapt it to how you want and decorate to suit your own needs.

New builds are also much better insulated with new windows that are double glazed. Having a new build will save a lot of thought and worry about what you have to improve. You can move in without the worry.

Most new builds are energy efficient too with better boilers and heaters which will save you money on electricity and gas. New builds also usually come with an energy efficient rating helping you reduce your carbon footprint. There is also the factor of security.

New homes are more secure, and there is better fire safety, with the installation of smoke alarms and fire doors. There will also be security locks, burglar alarms and security lighting.

You should be able to get some good deals from your new builds, and have a say in some of the factors like whether it has wooden floors or carpets. Make sure you look around online and do your research so that you can get the most from a new build as you possibly can.

Its important that you bear in mind that there will be a few downsides to buying a brand new home too. Some of the new builds tend to be smaller as developers try to get as much on their land as possible, this might mean that the garden isnít great either.

All of this of course depends on the circumstances, so itís important you look around.

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