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Pros & Cons Of Living In Central London

When it comes to living in central London or not, it is clear there are various pros and cons. The biggest con with regard to property is fairly obvious - the cost! Whilst house prices are high in some parts of the area, they are sky high in central London, and so affordability can be a real issue. This is a problem not just for those looking to buy but for those looking to rent as well: rental incomes can mean that you need to earn a large sum of money each month just to be able to cover your rent, often of several thousand pounds a month for instance. So this can be a very big con and make living in central London simply unaffordable for many. Another con can be getting around: traffic can be absolutely terrible, and the congestion charge can make it expensive too. On the flip side, there is lots and lots of public transport, with good bus links and night buses, and of course the tube and other transport methods such as water taxis too - so if you don't drive or don't mind public transport, then that can actually be a plus. There are several obvious pros of living in London for those who like to be around other people and not live the quiet life: There is an almost endless supply of things to do and see in London: not just the famous sights that you can tick off relatively quickly, but just exploring London there is a true cornucopia of experiences to have. If you are a foodie then you will be in heaven with literally thousands of restaurants to check out, and a huge number of pubs for those who like a drink or two from time to time. For theatre goers and art lovers and history buffs alike, there is a huge amount to see: London is one of the entertainment capitals of the world in all types of entertainment. And if you are a shopper and have a budget, then there aren't too many better places than London: again literally thousands of shops spread around the many shopping areas of London. If you like the quieter life, then of course the hustle and bustle of London will be a con: areas are rarely quiet, and there are a lot of people living in a small area, ultimately, so some areas are permanently swarming with people. It can be hard to get away from noise and the concrete jungle, and air pollution can be high at certain times of the year. If you like green space, then there are of course lots of parks, but you'll need a big budget to get a house with a decent garden in London if you want some of that greenery to yourself and your own little haven of nature away from the concrete and skyscrapers. Parts of London can be very different to each other with some hip and trendy areas and others being a bit more oriented towards families and family life, with many other areas offering still different attractions and possible hindrances depending on your lifestyle, life stage and what you are looking for in a property and surrounding area, so you will certainly need to plan carefully as to what you are looking for when it comes to deciding where to look to buy in London. Whether the pros outweigh the cons for you will ultimately depend on what budget you have, and what lifestyle it is you are looking for. Certainly many live in London for a few years to experience it, then typically move out of the capital as they get older and have a family.

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