My First Property

Property Checklist For First Time Buyers

First time buyers!? Make sure you use this checklist to help you get everything right.

Paperwork: You will need the following

Bank Statements

Proof of current address

Tax Returns (if applicable)

Identification (Driving licence, passport)

Have a good support network of friends and family.


Research mortgages

Look around for good mortgage deals

Decide on what type of mortgage you want

Are you pre-approved?

Home inspect the house before buying.

Check the surroundings of the property.

Check previous history on the property.

Don't buy the furniture before you move in. As it may not fit right into the new property.

Save up and enjoy buying stuff once you have moved in. Of course you are going to need basic things.

Have a backup plan if it all goes wrong.


It may seem like an obvious one, but make sure you have enough money to cover all of your costs.

You may need new furniture.

Cost for the property

Estate agent/seller fees

Moving costs

Selling costs

Always consider additional expenses too!

It is handy to create a checklist of your own when buying and looking at property, you should make a checklist when going to view a property to as this will help you ensure you have checked it for everything.

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