My First Property

The Complete First Time Buyers Guide

First time buyer? Don't fret, follow these handy tips to make sure that first time buying is as stress free as possible for you.

What sort of home will suit your needs.,

Make sure you have decided what home you want first as it will save time and stress. You need to know what type of build you want, and you want to have an idea of what features the home will have. Do you want extra bedrooms or a garden etc.

Have you looked into the mortgage to see what you qualify for? This is a must before buying anywhere or looking around.

Look at your finances, what can you actually afford. Don't leave yourself short.

Get advice, who will help you find the home, will you go to estate agents?

Find the home you want, and make sure you have looked at it many times before deciding.

Make an offer, your estate agent will help you with this.

Obtain house inspections. Make sure you are paying the right price for what you are getting.

When you have your home, keep saving, you might encounter unexpected expenses.

Perform regular maintenance.

Enjoy your new house and your freedom and make sure you get professional advice and advice from friends and relatives. It will make your experience less stressful. Don't rush buying a home as you may regret, take your time and enjoy the process and view it as an exciting experience.

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