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Why You Should Visit A House At Different Times Of Day

It is common sense that you should visit a property a few times before buying it, however research suggests that people spend just around 30 minutes in total looking around a property before deciding whether or not to buy - this is pretty incredible given that they are making the largest purchase of their lives. Indeed, people tend to spend more time examining a particular car and deciding whether to buy it than they do looking around a house! However, it is important not just to visit a house multiple times, but to go to see it at different times of day, and on different days. The reason is that some problems are only apparent at certain times of day. One of the most obvious is with regard to traffic. If there is a very busy road nearby - and particularly if you will drive to work and back each day - then you need to see how busy it is at rush hour. It is also useful to find out what the parking is like. If there is restricted parking on the road, will this be a problem for you at certain times? If there is not restricted parking, is the road jam packed with commuter cars during the week making it hard to park? Or do residents of another road all park on your road at the weekend due to there being limited parking in their own road, turning your road into a chicane with nowhere to park should you ever have friends or family over? Equally, perhaps the quiet street in the week is filled with kids noisily playing football in the road at the weekend, or the neighbour has a motorbike and loves nothing more than to rev it loudly for thirty minutes on a Sunday morning before being joined by his biker mates for a drive around. And perhaps on the other side there is a very noisy dog that was on a walk the first time you went around the house - there is so much that can vary, not just with the road but with the residents too during the course of a week! And, of course, you should visit at night - is there sufficient street lighting, or indeed is there too much - a lamp post directly outside the house shining bright light into it all night, perhaps. If there are any little alleyways or similar, are there people hanging around... if the road is used as a cut-through to other properties by people on the way back from the pub then it would be good to know about this in advance. In summary, then, there are a range of circumstances in which a property should be viewed because each of those circumstances can give you a very different impression of a property, and highlight problems that you weren't aware of in other conditions. It can be as simple as there being really heavy traffic down your road for a certain period of the day - even if during the school rush - that makes it very hard to get in or out of your property at that time, or perhaps traffic routinely queues back as far as the entrance to your house. All things you need to know about before considering whether to buy it or not.

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