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Guildford House Prices 2019

The data below is based on sales of semi-detached houses in the GU postal area (Guildford) for February - August 2019. The data shows the average sale price for a semi-detached house that month, and the second table shows how the figure compares to the previous month
Month Average sale price
February £420,971
March £405,152
April £432,881
May £394,218
June £417,702
July £424,905
August £414,838

House Prices Changes in Guildford 2019

This table shows the percentage change month-on-month based on the sales data above. For instance, the first entry in the table below, February-March, shows how the average sale price changed in Guildford between February and March. A positive number means the average sale price increased from February's average to March's, whilst a negative figure means it fell.
Time Period Percentage price change
February-March -3.76%
March-April 6.84%
April-May -8.93%
May-June 5.96%
June-July 1.72%
July-August -2.37%

Figures derived from data produced by Land Registry © Crown copyright 2019.

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