My First Property

My First Property

Welcome to My First Property, a brand new website that aims to help provide a range of necessary information and resources for those who are looking to purchase their first property. We all know how daunting the idea of buying your first property can be and how many difficult challenges there are involved in the process concerning research, finance, negotiation, the legal process and more besides. Our aim here at my first property is to guide you through all the aspects of buying your first home to make it a little less daunting.

First Home - Needs and wants: how to work out what you really need when it comes to your first home, and what you just want. After all, unless you have huge wads of cash, compromise is going to be a key word!

- Prices and research: researching properties, things to look for and things to look out for, and how to get a gauge for prices in different areas of the country

- Housebuying process: You know what you need, you've done your research, and think you'll be able to get a mortgage. So you want to buy a house now - so finally we'll look at the housebuying process itself, from looking around a house and questions to ask, to getting a survey done, appointing a solicitor all the way through to what to do when you get the keys to your first home

Your First Home will almost certainly be your most expensive purchase to date. But where can you get the best value? Take a look:
- Cheapest areas to buy a flat or apartment
- Cheapest terraced houses by postcode area
- Cheapest semi-detached properties
- Cheapest detached properties in the UK
- House Price Changes in the UK 2019

My First Mortgage

First Home
How do you afford your home? What sort of mortgage deals are out there, and how can you possibly finance the first home, whether it be getting the deposit together or finding enough money each month to pay the mortgage once the deal goes through.

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