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Getting On With The Neighbours

When you move into your new home - congratulations - your first property is yours (as this is a website for first-time buyers that seems to be a safe assumption!) Now, as they say, the fun begins!

Whilst you probably can't wait just to spend the first few days getting acquainted with your house and starting to make it feel like home, now is a great time to introduce yourself to people who will become all too familiar to you over the next few years (assuming you're not living in the wilderness) and that is your neighbours.

Whether you are shy or outgoing, are busy or have nothing to do, introducing yourself to the neighbours is a necessity that you should not put off for too long. You may be far too excited with moving in and getting the house sorted to even think about other people, but if the neighbours see people going in and out and activity for several days without saying hello, then they might start to wonder if you are a bit antisocial.

So rather than risk getting off on the wrong foot, go and introduce yourself to your neighbours as soon as you move in or start going around there on a regular basis: just those on either side will do, you don't have to walk up and down the street or even the properties across the road (assuming of course there are properties in all these locations!)

With flats the situation may be different and it is strangely not uncommon (strange since you are situated closer together) for people who live in flats never to really meet their neighbours or know anything about them, but a friendly introduction is still useful and will no doubt be appreciated.

You don't need to give them gifts or ask for the apocryphal cup of sugar or some milk of course, but just taking the time to say hello early on and introduce yourself can set the scene for good neighbourly relations. First impressions count, so if you get on well to start with then that gives the best chance of things going well long-term too.

Therefore be on your best behaviour in the first couple of months, and whilst it might be your first taste of freedom and you are desperate to have your mates round for a boozy house-warming with lots of loud music banging away until the early hours, consider exercising some restraint and keeping music to sensible levels so that the neighbours don't regard you as a party animal and a nuisance who plays music late into the night and start to have misgivings too early!

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