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Complete Guide To Home Security

It is vital that your home/property is safe and secure, not only will a secure home reduce stress but it will make you feel safer and will add value to your property.

Break-ins and burglaries can happen, and if they did this can prove traumatic and there may be great financial loss too.

You can keep your home secure, using these tips.

Make sure windows and doors are secure and well fitted. Make sure they are locked when leaving the house and at night time. Ensure door frames and window frames are sturdy and well fitted. Make sure that your garden doors are also secure.

Double glazed windows are a must.

Make sure your letter box is secure, check if it is too close to the lock, you could also add a letter box cage. Add a door chain too and a spy hole.

Look at your property through a burglars eyes. Is there easy access points, are there expensive things on show, could they get in quick and quietly?

Make sure you have good lighting outside your home. Movement sensors will give warning that someone is close to your house.

Make sure you have a visible burglar alarm.

Change locks if you have just moved to a new home.

Don't leave keys in typical hiding places.

Don't make it easy for a burglar by leaving ladders outside or open garages full of tools.

If on holiday it would be handy if you could get a relative to stay in your house.

Make sure you have good house insurance.

Watch out for bogus callers, don't invite strangers in.

Being aware of all these things will help keep your home much more secure.

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