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What Is A Mortgage Adviser?

Quite often people will get a mortgage by dealing directly with the bank or building society that they wish to get their mortgage with.

Other people will use what is called a mortgage adviser, and manage the process of getting the mortgage they want through them. But what is a mortgage adviser, and what do they do?

Well put simply the title is quite descriptive - they offer advice on mortgages, and they try to find the best of the deals that are available for you - and some products may even only be available to customers through brokers.

Now with brokers some of them will be tied to a particular institution and only able to sell the products of that institution, typically those in a bank for instance will only be able to offer their products, therefore you may find it best to use one that is untied and can therefore look at all of the products on the market to find the best one for you.

It is no doubt that it is hard to get a good steer on the mortgage market and there are many products out there, and so a mortgage adviser sounds very useful indeed. This may raise the question as to why everyone doesn't use a mortgage broker!

The reason, of course, is that the mortgage broker is not a charity but will charge you for their services, and this can be made up in various different ways, so it is crucial to ask a mortgage adviser how they are going to charge you before engaging their services so that you can get a good understanding of what the charge is going to be made of. For instance it might be a flat fee, or it could be some sort of commission payment - it's important to find out.

Whether you use one or not, remember that you can do lots of research online quite easily through mortgage comparison websites of which there are several, so if you've done your research then you may prefer simply to deal with the lender you want to lend you the money directly.

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