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Information about Burford, Gloucestershire:

Burford is a town in Oxfordshire, and has a population of 1,422. The current average sale price is £548,326. The town is situated 22 miles southeast of Cheltenham and lies in the Cotswold hills.

Burford Priory is Grade I listed and was constructed during the sixteenth-century. It was later restored. The church of Saint John the Baptist is Grade I listed. Burford Methodist Church was built during the eighteenth-century and is Grade II* listed.

There is no railway station in Burford.

Below is a list of all the roads in Burford, together with information on the average sale price for properties in that road (timescales referenced are at the bottom of the page).
Road Average Sale Price Number of Sales
OX18 4TT
£850,000 1
OX18 4TS
£329,540 1

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