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Information about Ross-on-wye, Gloucestershire:

Ross-on-Wye is a market town in Herefordshire, with a population of 10,700. The current average sale price is £262,245. The town lies on the River Wye.

Ross-on-Wye promotes itself as 'the birthplace of British tourism'. Landmarks in the town include the parish church of St Mary's, which dates from the Middle Ages. The Plague Cross was erected in the churchyard in 1637 as a memorial to 315 people who died of the plague in the town that year. The Chase Hotel was constructed in 1818. Wilton Castle is a twelfth-century castle is adjacent to the town.

Ross-on-Wye has facilities for sports such as hockey, football, cricket and rugby. The town also has shops, churches and The Prospect public garden.

There is no railway station in Ross-on-Wye; the nearest railway station is Ledbury, which offers services to destinations including Birmingham, Hereford and London.

Below is a list of all the roads in Ross-on-wye, together with information on the average sale price for properties in that road (timescales referenced are at the bottom of the page).
Road Average Sale Price Number of Sales
£261,000 1
OXENHALL LANE Ross-on-wye, HR9
£124,000 1
STERRYS LANE Ross-on-wye, HR9
£375,000 1

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