My First Property

Finding A Home

Finding A Home is what all first-time buyers want to do, but inevitably in the current climate this may involve various sacrifices being made and a clear split between things that you must have in a new home and other things are merely nice to have.

With compromise being the name of the game, what should you consider when it comes to finding your first home? The articles in this section of my first property are all geared towards helping in this regard.

Will House Prices Rise In 2019?
Buying Your First Home In London
Property Market Outlook Spring 2016
Be Careful How Long Is Left On A Lease
Find Houses That Have Dropped In Price
Dealbreakers When Buying A House
What Is Freehold Property?
Can I Take Photos When Viewing Property?
How To Win A Bidding War
Freehold And Leasehold Property
Property Likes Versus Must Haves
Why You Should Visit A House At Different Times Of Day
Key Questions To Ask At A Property Viewing
How To Get Your Deposit Returned By A Landlord
How To Properly Research A Neighbourhood Before Buying Property
How To Get A Landlord To Deal With Problems
What To Do If You Are Interested In A Property
What To Do During A Bidding War
What To Do At A Property Viewing
Renting With People You Don't Know
Questions To Ask At A Property Viewing
Pros And Cons Of Living In A Flat
The Key Purpose Of A Second Viewing
How To Work Out What To Offer For A Property
How To Research Property Prices In An Area
How To Get On The Housing Register
How To Find Somewhere To Rent
How To Deal With A Bad Landlord
How To Save For A House When Renting
The Downside Of Renting Versus Buying
Different Types Of Property Explained
Deciding On Your Property 'Must Haves'
The Best Websites To Visit To Find Your First Home
Buying A New Build
Buying A Bungalow
Find An Affordable Property
How To Interpret A Survey
Finding The Perfect Home
First Time Buyers Guide
Property Checklist For First Time Buyers
Learning From Buying Your First Home
Tips On Buying A Flat
Buying An Apartment And Leaseholds
Using Property Search Websites
Tips On Viewing Properties
Getting The Most From An Estate Agent
Finding A Property And Location
Finding A Bargain Property
What Is A Home Report?
How Many Houses Should I View?
New Home Vs Old Home Considerations
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